Quintessential Love

Because I love you, 

I listen to you in times of distress

And watch your tears as you cry

Because I love you, I will not say goodbye. 


Because I love you, 

I become a selfless person

Putting your needs before my own

Because I love you, you will always have a home.


Because I love you,

You lift me up

An boost my self-esteem

Because I love you, I have dreams.


For all the heartaches, headaches

Long cries and tearful eyes

Yelling and unforgiving

I apoligize, because I love you. 


To the bad dates, rude mates, and feelings of hate

To the hurt that created the birth

Of distance and resistance

Between us, I apoligize, because I love you. 


For my light has a shadow of dark that follows

And yet you accept me at my core 

Like the Creator from above

You make me feel like I deserved to be loved.


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