Quiet Mouse

They ask why you're so quiet

It's because you have nothing to say

But with that they won't buy it

You just want them to go away


You can speak colorful words

Over the white noise that you hear

But you keep to yourself so much

That you're not even minded by your peers


Quiet Mouse is what they call you

and you can't even complain

Because if you let out all your thoughts

People will think you're pretty insane


A quiet  mouse is what you are

It's what you've always been

You're not gonna change for anyone

No matter how bad you wanna fit in


You don't need to speak up

People can hear you just fine

They just know you're vulnerable

When you're put in the spotlight


It's ok to be quiet

It's not that bad

Sometimes silence is golden

So with that be glad

That you're not like the others

You're one of a kind

It's why they call you quiet mose

you're very hard to find


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