Questions for the School Board...!!!


Why is it that you love to see me fail?

Does it help your ego? To know that a high schooler is beneath you? 

Why is it that you love to see us starve?

Who in the hell has enough money to buy the horrid cafeteria food every day? Why is the "healthy" food the worst for you at school?

Why is it that I get yelled at?

When that girl next to me was the one talking? When I was sitting there minding my own business. YOU YELLED AT ME!!

Why is it that the school wastes resources?

On stupid stuff too. I don't need a call home saying that I owe money for lunches, when my brother is failing, and no one bothers to inform my parents.

Why is it that the highest paid teachers are the worst?

Once they get tenured, they do whatever they want. How do you not see that??

Why is it that you love to see me fail?


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