Questions of the Heart

What should we do?


Rejoice you’re alive, many possibilities are near

Pain we can survive, even in the face of fear

But we should never compromise, the values we hold dear

It’s always unwise, to blindly follow our peers


In a world rife, with sin that bleeds

Is it our purpose in life to plant positive seeds?

Or to become a carving knife, eliminating negative weeds?


When our children ask why, a human’s life we steal

Is it eye for an eye, when our society kills?

Or lie for a lie, through violent values we instill

Is it okay to die, because another human wills?


My own eye I must clean, the mud that settles there

Before telling you as I deem, what vitiates you wear

Even though it may seem, sin is sprinkled everywhere

Taking life as man screams, only God may dare


Is there an all-powerful being, sitting up above?

Giving life new meaning, filling the world with love

What would he say when seeing, what we’re made of?

Would he run away fleeing, or embrace us as his dove


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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