Why is it that

Those of us that can’t afford

A college education

Are punished for trying?

Why is the world saying

Screw you

For trying to get out

And do more than our parents


Or neighbors

Ever did?

How is it fair

That to be able to learn

We must burden ourselves

With debt so heavy

We feel the weight of it

Years before we even graduate?

How can we try

To keep up with the rest

When to stay in school

We work tirelessly

Long hours

With little time to study

And no time to sleep?

Why are we chastised

For wanting to keep up

With our friends

The ones that don’t work

Or worry

Or have to choose between

Getting gas and going out?

How come the rich kids

The ones with nice houses

In subdivisions

With luxury cars

And two parents

The kids who’ve never heard

“I couldn’t go to the grocery store”


“Our water’s been shut off”

Can continue with no responsibility

Besides getting good grades

And trying not to get caught drinking

But here we are

With our measly paychecks

And our stress acne

Crying on the phone to our mothers

Fearing with everything

That we will have to admit defeat

And return home?

Why is it that

The ones of us

That are lucky enough

To make it to college

In spite of where we’re from

Have to avoid

The ultimate shame

Of giving up

And going back

And doing what the others do?

They find a man

They settle down

They marry young

Because that’s the only option

To escape

The sentence that is

Growing up poor

With poor parents

Who grew up poor too.



Crazy amazing. You can tell it came straight from the heart and that's what matters. Really hits home with me ;(

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