If I sit you down to talk ..

    will you listen ?

If I get to stating statements in a state that's real deep..

  in what state will you be ?

Will you understand my level of intelect ? 

Would you stay strong through it all .. or will you neglect ?

Neglect the love that I would have expressed as my words press through your chest, 

  not intended to impress, but to penetrate through & show you i'm not like the rest ?

In your chest is a wall that you have built, beneath that wall is your heart & that's where I wanna be,

 because I feel it in the beat of your heart that you want the two of us to be .. A WE !

Our hearts not apart, but intertwined and there's a special part of me that tells my heart to tell my mind

that you are MINE.

I can see it in your eyes , I can sense it in your kiss ..

You will ALWAYS be mine , i'll always be yours ..

Our love is an abyss.


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