The Queen's Story

Since when does one become "evil"?

Is it my pride that broods you?

Or my age of wisdom and fairness

No one

Not even my little sister

Could ever succeed?


"Mother" never rested so well

For all these years

As father has never noticed it

For all these years.

I am born to be queen

So I took that position.


Together, my father and I

Raised a new heir mother left behind.

A fatted babe

With hideously red cheeks

And skin so fair...

But not as fair and radiant as mine.

Yet, in vain, father named it

Snow White.


To be queen,

You possess power

Over your subjects

Over your oppressors.

When authority fails,

A little magic can fix anything

And anyone.


My real mother

Used to teach me magic

Taught me to use it for good

So I created a mirror to remember her,

To see the whole world,

And to see Snow White.


I mean no harm to her.

I've watched her grow,

I've spent so much time with her

As if she were my own, yet

She became a rude adolescent.

Stubborn and spoiled

I couldn't stand it.

To set things straight 

I sent her away 

With supervision of a friendly huntsman

To watch over her.


He was a slow man.

So I fixed him with a spell

So that he can do his job.

Now, what happen to Snow White

You may ask.

That evil man I've trusted

Took her very life!

And buried her in a den of wild beasts

Oh woe is she!


Courageously, I end the madness

With forgiveness of course.

Giving the huntsman an elixir

In a form of an apple

To put end of his confusion and grief.

Everyone acknowledge the disappearance 

Of our poor Snow White and huntsman

Causing father's departure

From a broken heart.


Who run this kingdom

Now that the king 

And the princess are dead?

Yours truly

It is no surprise that I

Shall now be 

Supreme ruler of the land

And the fairest of them all!







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 A Grimm brothers' inspired poem. A lot of people died ....

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