Queen of the Mountain

The Queen of the Mountain

They called her the Queen of Virtue

True to her personality, morals and values

Respectful in every walk done in golden shoes

Since positivity reined and a smile which would never lose

She was truthful, loyal and never doubtful

She slayed the night, bravery and strong might

To conquer anything, never surpassing her peripheral sight

Never scared, tired, always prepared

For the worst moments yet to come that tried to knock her power

Almost impossible since her words cut deep and devoured

Scars and bruises tell the story of a little girl

Hungry to succeed and become a queen highly recognized

Known by the world and her goal to reach the prize

Bold, humble and fierce defined her soul

Outrunning the toughest animal with undamaged soles

Independent as a Jaguar prowling the night stealthily

Never accepting “No” as a solution entirely

Never denying a challenge or breaking a promise

She is the Queen of the Mountain didn’t you know?

But she is not boastful, big difference, that’s her flow

Maybe the waters, air and land too, she is on fire

Staring into her eyes showing true desires

Nothing hidden, everything exposed no time for secrets

A sharing heart any gift she whispers to “keep it”

Best advice a real guide to problems that show

Nothing compares to her friendship that grows

Working hard to one day build a castle to own a throne

She wanted to celebrate her life, it was known

Kept in secret as nobody knew the queen was silent acting as if nothing was new

She kept her title as Queen of Virtue but valued her name

Say it three times never forget the double “R” was the game

Maybe her love will fill the void from here to Mars

Then shoot across the night skies to align the stars

Follow and you will see, Include an accent on the “E”

Her origins were questioned, a mystery to a certain degree

Many Blessings from the Heavens followed her Heart

As she read fluid poetry and painted a canvas of abstract art







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Cacho Nuts

Loved it.

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