Queen of Illusions


I am the Queen of Illusions.

My power is to make others see what I will them to see.

It’s the only way I can properly hide myself,

So others can’t see my pain, my tears, or my discomfort.

I can make it all go away with a flick of my hand,

Others will see me looking indifferent, but in reality,

I am crumbling.

Crumbling under the weight of the world,

Under the weight of my sadness,

Under the weight of my discomfort and confusion.

I am the Queen of Illusions,

You will never witness my tears, nor my pain.

I will never be a sight for the world to look at.

I am not a monument.

I am not a historical marker.

I am myself, and you cannot witness what I go through.

I am the Queen of Illusions,

I can make you see what I want you too.

You will never witness the true me.


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