Quarantine Dreaming (Mental Status)

Mon, 05/04/2020 - 20:54 -- Frinky

Social distancing

& I’m Mentally challenging myself. 

Im An intellectual individual 

but I’m seriously lacking in attention, concentration, adaptation, motivation,

and I just can’t stop the fidget. 

Short term memory impaired 

by a substance that I won’t mention, 

but I can recall every one of our conversations. Photographic memory, 

Capture the moment...

....Won’t print, guess you 

can’t picture me slipping. 

Whew! Quarantine dreaming. 


My Judgment is clearly impaired, 

written within the stores I’ve shared, 

but got plenty of insight. 

Ideas written in imaginary ink 

all over theses walls...

painted into a clear vision, 

but they are closing in on me. 

I’m not claustrophobic.

These Thoughts, words,  images & fears

shrinked into my head. Mind-fucked,

Shes taking walks 

through the crevices in my brain.

Whew! Quarantine dreaming. 


Sex therapy, She continues to chisel at me 

piece, by piece.... 

carving ideas between these dreads and 

new detailed ways to handle these intensities. 

My usual quick fix has always consisted of:

Candles lit, pink or Vicky’s on the floor, DND sign on the door, thighs brushed against my cheeks 

as my tongue speaks languages 

to her vertical lips,

while rubbing her hips & tits

drinking up...every wet drop of her nectar that drips...Consumed inside her,  Love potion. 

Whew! Quarantine Dreaming. 


Powerful, she Drove me insane. 

mental heath diagnosis’ and 

medications prescribed, useless,

it won’t turn off the thoughts, maybe just change the vibe. So, I’m hesitating, 

But I can’t meditate it away. 

Only a few late night instances 

when I sense her presence...and feel her touch, damn, I miss her so much, even

began to hear her voice and I smell her hair.

Just a Figment of my wild imagination, I’ve never hallucinated & she’s not there. 

Whew! Quarantine Dreaming. 


Let’s not talk about the effect 

missing physical touch has on my affect, 

flattened it out, blunted. 

I don’t give a ****, depressed mood, 

want to be cruel, savage,

break out this bitch.  

Clearly my thought process is a mess 

But it’s still linear & the content 

preoccupied with abstract shit 

I’d rather be doing. Like screwing....

Instead I’m stuck 

inside this apartment, 

quarantine dreaming. 


Reality, Alone, in silence, 

trapped within my cognitive prison.

Lack of inspiration. 

I want to start a movement, 

but the world just stopped. 

Trillion ideas in my head, 

no one to share it with. 

Everyone’s in danger, 

Won’t put my life on the line...

Rona our here changing lives...

Wash your hands, wear a mask &

Please remember to Stay 6ft behind my ass...

Quarantine dreaming. 


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