Jumbled thoughts
Crowd my mind.
Confusion, coincidences
Leave me blank, scrambled up inside.

I don’t know what to think.
It’s like the world turns in on me,
Like someone wants something of me
Like there’s a bigger plan that I can’t see.

Such a mystery!
I feel like a lost puzzle piece
In a lifetime of puzzles
That can-and can’t-bring me peace.

One after another
Day by day, no end
And no beginning, either.

Is it a gift?
Am I special?
Am I weird?
Some kind of miracle?

Why me?
Have I done something?
Why can’t I understand it?
Why can’t I see everything?

Why can’t I get some answers?
Why can’t I know?
You’d think I could find out, but no.
It doesn’t take long enough to do so.

Is there a purpose for this?
Some lesson to learn?
Cause life is really long
Waiting for the tide to turn.


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