Puzzle Piece

You were the habit I had to learn to quit

because in your perfect world I was a terrible fit.

You saw me as a game, a challenge, a dare,

you wanted to see how much you could get me to care.

Now the jokes on me because I thought I saw

a man who would love and care for me through it all.

Now I'm the fool who held on for too long.

I was drowning, in over my head, dying all along.

I didn't see it until it was too late

and it seems we have once again been seperated by fate.

You want to ask God if He "wants us to work"

but He's not there to answer teenage romance so don't smirk.

I love that you're Godly and trying to be your best

but sometimes I wonder am I really your second best?

Did I fall out of favor when I didn't go to church

or have you found another and it caused our relationship to stop with a lurch?

I wish you'd just tell me so I would know why

you pushed me away and made me cry.

I just want answers no more, no less.

After that I'll leave you alone if that is what is best.

If I'm the wrong piece to your puzzle, that's fine.

I just thought you were the one to complete mine!


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