Sat, 06/01/2013 - 17:24 -- Myther

Picking up the pieces

of a puzzle never seen

the edges and the center

a mess of human being

the corners and the central piece

the one that always disappears

a puzzle of a million pieces

with each piece holding a thousand new pictures

the puzzle of a human being

the ups the downs

the turn-a-rounds

the happy the sad

new life, death

there is poverty

there is wealth

there is sane and mentally unhinged

the puzzle of a human being

colors of everything

from flowers, tea, rubix cubes and teeth

to costumes, meat, pets, sticky notes and blood

the sum of a human being

could never lie quite flat

so a 3D puzzle is the outcome

the top the bottom

even sides

the end the beginning

the puzzle of the human mind

the life and in the end

the human self


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

its important to put pieces together of a person
every fragment represents different parts of a humna being
great job in describing the meaning of puzzle
keep writing

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