Put Your Guns Down

Boom Boom Boom

They fire

They fire until they're tired

They fire till the pains gone

They fire until they have a grin from ear to ear

They just fire

They're not aiming at one person

They want to seek revenge

Revenge on those who hurt them

But little do they  know it's not gonna work

Boom Boom Boom

The tears are poring out 

36 mass shootings this year

Just this month leaving young ones with ought parents

Leaving siblings withought their brother or sister 

leaving parents whithought their kid

Boom Boom Boom

It's chaos

Police are everywhere

Helicopters in the air 

Parents and children in their home wondering if they are next

They are praying to God that it will come to an end

They just sit there 

Watching the tragic news on TV

Seeing people scream

They see the blood the torment the fear 

They feel the sadness

The person is found 

They feel the hate 

But they feel the sorrow

If only if that person knew that there was another way

That they still have a shot of starting new in just another day

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Our world


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