In Pursuit of Something More

Living in a world with almost nothing but hate,
it's hard not to dissipate ...slip...fall, fast into a funk,
where it's almost easier to just not get up.
More tears full of pain and rage, than joy and laughter.
Tryna figure out why laughter isn't laughter.
We used to laugh to feel good,
now we do it to make the next person feel worse;
which is ultimately just a cover up to hide something worse.
Most people are contemplating LIFE on a daily basis,
feeling like there is no other option,
and the world would be better without em'.
Everybody wants to be somebody, and nobody at all,
never working to achieve greatness because they are afraid of the fall.
But what's a scraped up knee and a scratch or two,
compared to having the life you've dreamt of, your dreams coming true?
The word says "Delight yourself in the Lord,
and He will GIVE you the desires of your heart.
Don't know about you, but it sounds like a good start.
Life can't be all bad, maybe a few ups to the downs.
But once you find your purpose you'll have enough ups to go around.
Can't help but think, there's gotta be more to this...more to life!
Keep on trucking, put your pursuit of happiness in motion...
with your bulletproof plan, and courage to push you through,
it can't be too far in sight, just watch God see you through. 


This poem is about: 
Our world



Loved it :)

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