Purple Rain (Rendition) R.I.Paradise Prince

“Purple Rain” Rendition


I’m standing in the rain, praying in the rain

The fun turned into pain

Let me guide you through the pain

I know things are changing

But let me guide you through the rain

Purple rain, purple rain

It hurts

But Girl I love the pain

I love the rain, purple rain

I love you so much, so much

That I love when love hurts

I love the pain, the sorrow

Maybe things will be better tomorrow

But tonight I’m standing in the rain

Girl the burnt child loves the fire

I’m asking you girl to please trust a liar

I’m standing in the rain, with tears running down my face

When the rain stops and the smoke clears

I will still be here, but until then

I’ll be standing here with tears in my face

Girl you are my sunshine, I was such a fool

What was I thinking?

Girl there is no other women for me, no other

A friend is not good enough

I wanna be your full time lover

It will be the end of me if this is the end

It’s raining girl why can’t you see

How much you mean to me

Girl I’m begging you please come back to me

I’ll change

Let me guide you to a new me, a new us

Let me guide you through the purple rain  

This poem is about: 
Our world


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