You hooked her heart up to strings

Told her you'd give everything

You'd cover her scars with a ring

Your little puppet gave everything

You pushed and pulled on the ropes

She bent and bent 'til she broke

And you wonder why you're alone

The fool didn't know her way home

By the time she finally broke free

She'd lost sense of reality

And what was only a dream

She unraveled at every seem

When you saw that she had gone

You decided to tag along

And make sure you could hold on

To the strings that made her your pawn

But she realized you picked up the slack

And were trying to pull her on back

Stealing the heart that you cracked

But she swore to never look back

So she took out the knife that she knew

And cut every tie she'd had to you

And though you begged and refused

She finally knew what was true

And as she collected her heart

Every piece that you broke apart

She knew her decisions were smart

This was her life at its start


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