Doors closed and lives paused
Alone in a room
Or together in a house
We're all enclosed.

Nacissistic selfish creatures
Blinded by money
Thirsty for fame
Hungry for power.
The cruelest creatures on earth we are
And that's what we'll always be
Even after the pandemic.

Allah's will governs
Allah's will decides
Allah's will confined us
And Allah's will is what will set us free
After we come back to the right path
After we raise our heads of our phones
Open our eyes to see the storm
Enraged by our ignorance
Empowered by our sins.

Allah's will governs
And Allah's will decides
If we deserve the power we're given
Earn his forgiveness
Or do we all deserve to suffer
Below the circles of hell.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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