A Public Domain Tale

Once upon a time,

There were these magical fairy tale creatures and such,

Cinderella, Snow White, Pinocchio are fine,

More was to come, but that was the bunch.


There was a table with juice cups,

Then Tinkerbell, Little Red Riding Hood, Robin Hood came,

They grab the cups, and slurp and sup,

Everyone has opinions the same.


Then others came along,

The wolf, Goldilocks, Puss in Boots, The Beast, Gingerbread Man are inside,

They see the table with cups in front,

They grab it and dances with their side.


What's that? You think my poem is boring?

There's no conflict or suspense?

Oh come on! I spent days making this poem

Hold on, let me spice things up


Out of nowhere, Puss in Boots breaks the glass, and attacks the Beast,

Everyone dukes it out now,

Pinocchio punches Little Red Rifing Hood and her basket of yeast.

Tinkerbell kick Robin Hood and Kapow.


Whats that? This is getting too violent?

It doesn't give out a good moral?

But you wanted a conflict! Not like this?

Fine, Hold on


Then, The Beast yells stop it all!

Says fighting is wrong,

Gives out a lecture that's proboally 3 hours to bore all,

They all learn something strong.


But then, The Wolf had to confess,

All wanted to know what he was saying for,

Then, he says,

"I am actually Skeletor!"


What? You thought that twist was dumb?

You wanted a insparational story with a message?

You wanted something that is powerful?

You wanted something that'll pass one for generations?

You wanted to wake people up?

Well, Forget you! You didn't like my original idea!

I wanted to do it my way, whether you like it or not.

And if they wanted to drink juice cups and dance all day, so be it!

You didn't have to be so rude though.


I give up, you can all go home now.

I'm going to sleep, hoping that it will sell soon enough...

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