Proverbs 29:18


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Proverbs 29:18
“Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint; But happy is he who keeps the law.”
Clashes of lightning and thunder ambiances are ascended in the heavens
The King of Kings sits on the glorious throne as the angelic beings proclaim His Name
Ravished with love for His people the Son is compelled with this unknown darkness
He cries
Wonder and bewilderness expels our minds and we are cultivated by our King crying for His grief makes us weep
Why does our King cry for He is Worthy and Praised
There is no name that transcends above all names
The Father looks to His Son and releases news we have never heard before
He says
It’s Time
The Son stands off His throne and walks towards the gates
We gather around Him and bow in adoration but we are questioned
Where are Thou going?
Walking towards the gates the Son starts to disrobe Himself
Hands fastened to His robe and revealing a flesh
What is….this a test
From a heavenly body to an earthy soul
His robe of white light falls to the floor and
He walks to the gates as if He is on a mission to save
a person who is about to be in an everlasting grave
Still they utter tongues higher than the firmaments above
The King removes His crown and they are held silent
The jewels silhouette is shimmered with an abundance of light from the golden figure
Where is my King approaching?
He continues to walk in a fleshly manner
What happened to the glorious being that sat high above of all things?
Naked and blinded by all mysterious
He is disrobed of all majesty
Isn’t this a catastrophe?
He looks back to His Father sitting on the throne
“I will be back, this sin won’t hold.
I will bring My creation back to Me, and redeemed what was for thee.”
Pointing to His Abba, the Lion of the Throne shouts, “ I will be with You always.”
Shedding a tear, but making His mourning turn into rejoicing
The Son lets go of a heavenly position
Making a tough decision
He chose His people
The angels ran to the gates and looked down from above
To see the Son go to a place
Where no one has seen true love

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