My year has been a mess.

I feel as though my heart went through a blender.

Can I just have him confess?

For I fell in love with my opposite gender.


He was a sweet boy,

Or so I thought.

He brought me presents and joy.

We hardly ever fought.


Too soon we separated,

For I wouldn't let him do things.

I felt as though I deflated.

Why did I think he was a part of kings?


He left me for another state,

Learning to protect his country.

He promised to come back for me, his date.

And soon it was bare and snow covered the trees.


I was proposed to by this child.

(I think it's safe to call him that now).

He said his love for me was strong, but I thought it was mild.

I couldn't say it back to him, all I said was 'wow.'


He came back for a few days, in between Christmas and New Years.

We had hardly spoken at all, but he insisted he loved me still.

But soon I saw something that confirmed my fears.

A relationship status changed, the noise in my ears shrill.


He had lied to me, gotten me to love him again.

Kissed me when he had a girlfriend.

Loved me when I was in pain.

With this information, I knew I would offend.


I told him to go away, never to see or talk to me any more.

All to easily he said 'okay.'

But soon enough I saw his name, and it felt like a chore

For me to delete his name, and for the first time I prayed.


My year was not a good one,

But I learned a good lesson.

Never let a boy near your sun,

For he will make your radience lessen.


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