Promises Linked By Pinkies

Promises linked by pinkies and sealed with a kiss are never  made to be broken: Rule number one in how to date me. Trust, trust, trust: trust in you, trust in me, trust in us -- the power one simple word shares. But love is the foundation of us, and “because I love you” can never be an excuse to hurt, because I can tell and I know. I have learned what those words mean. You love me when you kiss my cheeks before my lips. You love me when you put an extra sweater on my shoulders “because I don’t want you catching a cold”. You love me when you call me “just to hear your voice”. But you don’t love me when you don’t trust and question my loyalty. You don’t love me when you break the promises you swore with a kiss that you’d keep. You don’t love me when you lie, and lie, and lie. You don’t love me when you hurt me and let me cry without the comfort of your arms -- of the one who swears to love me. So let us lock our pinkies once again, and hear me whisper these words as we kiss, “I pinky promise to never trust you when you say ‘because I love you’”.

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