He made promises.

Things he could never reach and

things he could never keep.

He saw things beyond his reach.

He would gaze at the moon and stars

and thought that he could become one of them.

He was so focused on his dreams that he forgot about reality

and ultimately forgot about me.

His main goal was to keep those promises

that meant something to him but little to nothing to me

See he promised himself that he would

 become bigger than what everyone expected 

him to be.

he wanted the house on the hill

the cars in the driveway 

and the girls in his bedroom.

And yet he could not find room to express himself,

he was a poor man in a rich man's world

playing the cards he was dealt.

Because he made promises,

things to his mother that he could never keep,

and since he could not keep them I could not keep him.

So when he saw me acting different

he prayed for me and I prayed for myself

because I did not want to ruin those promises that I had kept in good health.

Because my promises, the ones that I had kept

when I had laid up at night, 

studying for my life, see those are the ones that I kept

to that little girl, who wanted to see the world.

These are the promises that I kept because I told myself

that  would not stop,

and that I would never let the ball drop.

So he made promises.

Promises that were made to be broken.

Promises that if he thought he kept he would receive a gold token.

Because he made Promises that no one else knows but me.

And see these promises he could not keep, because they were not meant to be kept.

He made promises but ultimately those promises had lead his spirit in debt.


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