A Promise in This Song


Let’s take a moment, a second to think
Discovery must be around the corner if we sit at the brink

We can't deny that there's right and wrong
Good and bad, short and long
Love and evil, weak and strong
2 melodies competing, but all in one song
We live in the center of a clashing symphony
Yet amidst chaos and noise we can find simplicity
If life consists of 2 opposing sides
A choice of one or the other death signifies
In the present we know that we live in the center
Death is a clever little door, which way will we enter?
We're born without wisdom, therefore blind
If there is already evil in the world, will it not immediately take root inside?
If there is evil will it not take the chance to misguide?
It's given an advantage because it can hide in your own mind
You will be unaware of course, and it will rejoice
For the lies it tells will be spoken by your own voice
Now we know the nature of darkness but there is also the other
What is evil trying so hard to cover?
Daresay I the truth? Hope? A glimmer of more?
A purpose? A reason? What we're really here for...?
Though there's evil there's also kindness,
can love be the key to overcome blindness?
If it is, it would have to be of the truest and purest form
Not quite charity or selflessness but so much more
A love that would give all that it has and all that it is
Like a father giving up his life for his kids...
No greater love is there than to lay down one’s life
Wouldn't it make sense for that to be the price?
The ultimate love shown by the ultimate sacrifice
If only there was such a love, wouldn't that be nice?
If the nature of evil is to lie then there must be truth
and only an act of amazing love can lead its pursuit
Though we are born of blindness and as children of wrath
Wouldn't such a love have the capacity to take us back?
Though we must be born astray,
what if grace would light the way?
By default these things must be true
Only a blind man would deny that the sky is blue
and since we're born blind are we not already wrong?
Maybe if we'd take a moment to listen, we'd here a promise in this song...


This poem is about: 
Our world


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