What has happened to keeping a promise?

When a promise is broken it creates drama.

Look at Issac from The Fault in Our Stars.

Monica broke his heart causing his face to be full of tears.

He was so heartbroken that all he could say

Was always which was their cliché.

Personally I have been dealing with a similar

Situation or you could say it is dissimilar.

My friend has promised to do

Things with me that does not involve our crew

Of rabbits. She has been saying this

For months. All that is left is to reminisce

About all our memories that has been made

At rabbit shows.  All I can say is I feel betrayed

Especially when I see photos or posts

Involving her and her friends. I feel like a freaking ghost.

So next time you make

A promise remember the possible ache

That you could be inflicting

To your helpless victim. 


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