The Producer of the Future

I may not be seen but I am heard

I make sure that the nation knows the truth

I am the one who decides what is acceptable,

what is supported completely by facts,

how these facts are presented,

in what order and by whom.

I get to delve into the lives of those around me,

digging to find answers that may shock all.

I get to set up the Red Team to look deeper,

finding the flaws and patching up the holes

like a seamstress surrounded by torn fabric.


After seeing the way that they covered Sandy Hook,

watching in horror as they butchered their opportunity

to get the truth and broadcast it to the world,

I decided that I would be part of the revision process.

I want to be the next real-life MacKenzie McHale,

pushing people to go deeper, look closer,

and not unveil a story until it has passed rigorous flaw tests.

Making revisions, researching on my own,

doing writing and creating a presentable front

for the masses, I will be there.

I am not seen, but I am heard

in the earpieces of those you do see.


I have begun my journey towards this dream,

writing papers and flipping through various books

in preparation for this in a crowded, loud newroom.

I hold myself to higher standards now,

ensuring that all of my work is done with integrity.

I work on eye contact while serving coffee

to the dozens that cross my path every week.

I acknowledge that listening is just as important

as speaking in this future profession,

and so I attend to every conversation like an interview.

I ask questions, so many questions!  

My curiosity and determination drive me forward,

but my quavering confidence makes every step

a contest between my desire and my comfort.


This job will not only affect me

but the population of the nation.

They will hear more about the important

stories rather than the next celebrity mishap.

Those stories will be left to entertainment news.

This is the place for discussing political actions,

economic downturn, violent events, local triumphs…

And still I find that this opportunity will change me

in ways I never anticipated a career would.

I will be stronger, more able to stand my ground,

and my life will be much more interesting

because of the connections I’ve made,

the lives I’ve helped, and the ability to let

my work speak for itself.

Don’t be afraid to look behind the curtain,

there is nothing there but a girl who

challenged not only herself but the

potential of society and followed her dream.

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