Procrastinating the Un-procrastinatable

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 22:19 -- emh1187

1. Why do I need to care about anything?

College is nowhere near

I have nothing to worry about

But only for one blissful year


2. My SAT is next week

I still have yet to study

I’ve begun super cramming sessions

But everything in my brain is muddy


3. For some time all is clear

Finals are coming to an end

Freedom from chains of school

But I must break this lethargic trend


4. I suppose I should see a college

My friends have already applied

The reality has just set in

But what followed was quite a ride


5. My SAT scores weren’t as high as expected

Oh no! What am I to do?

The college I love needs it higher

Retake it, is my only clue


6. Dual enrollment filled my senior schedule

34 credits will be done

Before I even leave for college

But my battle is only half won


7. Captain of the color guard

President of German club

Working hard to look good to colleges

But my hope is only a stub


8. What is this financial aid stuff?

I don’t know where to even start

Fill out this form; grab your taxes

But that’s only the first part


9. New SAT scores are in

These ones are much better

My application is sent

But now I must wait for the letter


10. Time passes, worry amasses

I don’t know if I’ll get in

The odds are on my side

But I only fear deep chagrin


11. I met with the mailman today

He handed me pure joy

A thick packet with a college’s heading

But I felt like a child with a new toy


12. This was what I learned to work for

All my enthusiasm has changed

From zero to 100 in twelve short months

But from now my intentions will not be deranged

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