Process of Elimination: Procrastination


United States
42° 45' 31.4424" N, 84° 26' 55.5792" W

Day in and day out,
Worrying about what’s next,
Not quite ready to take the next step.
I always have an excuse, like I can do it later,
But deep down I know I’m only doing the devil a favor.
Constant battles between now or never,
Deciding to start things sooner,
In order to have time to make things better.
With no questions asked,
My sanity was approaching borderline,
I had to get myself together; renew my mind.
Wake up calls when I needed to be up and at 'em,
Mental breaks in the meanwhile that I wouldn’t normally fathom.
In reality I knew what was required of me,
So I pushed to the back of my mind each thought of hesitating.
Staying in tune with God is so encouraging,
Gotta put my pride to the side and actually let people help me.
This type of experience really prepares me mentally…
As I get one step closer to freedom.


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