I'm not the product of a problem but the provocative nature of opium in my system
In addition admission is the only way to solve the problem
Precursors to our already existing conscience
Consciousness stems from the inner being
The one that cause voices in your head to scream
Psychosis and sleep paralysis
So I take tablets to feel no dreams
But I don't sleep why is this
My body at ease but my mind continues to trick me
Into believe I'm sick when I'm not
I choose not to let depression and anxiety get to me
Mental illness is like a ticking time bomb only the one who configured it will know when it will go off
Off course in life but I have it figured out
My knowledge comes from word of mouth
Don't let the secrets out
Our generation was taught or forced to keep to themselves
In that way we are slaves to our own minds living a life half blind to fact facing us on a daily basis
Not bias because me myself I get faded
And it's to numb the pain of previous discussion
Communication is the only real way to solve problems and without it we may as well be on an desolated island
All I want to do is make a minute difference
I'm everyone's lives in the present
Battling with addiction is no easy mission
Talking about it is the first step to remission
I love the feeling it gives and I hate the feelings it takes
Love being in a perfect state of mind body and soul harmony
But I can't with toxins in my body
Blurring my vision
Medication messing with our generation

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Our world
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Annette M Velasquez

This is intense and emotionally raw. Your honesty, vivid descriptions and use of language make this a riveting poem. Hang on, there is light at the end of the tunnel... In the meantime, check out my poem, " fleur du mal" Here, under my posts- it's more or less about the same topic.

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