Problèmes de la vie


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This story is about a messed up boys life
of how he dealt with his inner inharmony.
One who has been played by several girls
in his life said he was a charity case and not suited
to be in there life.
There lost people told him, but move on a find a better life
he was hurt on the inside but never brought it to light.
Then he though he found the one but he turned out not to be right
and got hearbroken midflight. She moved on and found a better life
then he fell for the one who all ready had a fellow that didnt work and he had to let go.
He reads what the girl of his dreams writes
and with the passing of every
line his heart shatters into little bites.
She says she is happy for him to
be in her life he agrees, but turns
to the knife.
He lives this outward happy fake life.
He smiles even when he is going through strife.
Nobody knows what he truly deals with 
day in and day out. nobody sees what he is
trying to get out. They wont understand until 
he takes matters in his own hands.
There be attending his funeral 
dressed in all black. Saying he was
so happy and so soothing.
I didnt think he had a crummy life.
But there never know he lived a bad life.


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