Prisoner of the brain.

Thu, 04/25/2019 - 17:04 -- Emily13

We soar through the heavenly fields with no barrier

between us, no men with shiny pedestals, or people

with devilish horns

You know not of my intentions but I know what lie

ahead what will happen to me whilst you’re resting your head

I see the lights flashing red, white, black, and blue, I know they have come




from You

behind the vigorous bars a framed picture perfect image appears,

though in this prison a picture didn’t belong,

of such a exquisite being

oh the longer i stare the more exruiciating it gets


a jab to the heart

a sting to my chest

i’m sure you wouldn't enjoy the rest.


each time spent with thee the longer my sentence gets

and the pain worsens

but pierce me in the heart a trillion times

and i’d still crawl back to you

beaten up, black and blue


though with little space i have left in my ticker

I’ll still have room for You

time spent away with You from the chambers of despair

the wounds you inflicted upon me seem to disappear

i know that once i go back down to my

Hell hole

the beatings will worsen and the memory

will  have strengthened

i know the natural high with You

is damaging but without You

the memories of you line up their best gunmen every time

a song plays

a clock ticks

a child cries


and when you appear in

my nightmares

those memories will shoot

and they have

precise aim


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