Princess of Hell

Wed, 10/23/2013 - 21:25 -- Dr.Poet



She speaks in similes.

Using her devil tongue.

The way she utters

A complexity of evil words

Constructed to fit perfectly

Into the shape of a heart that beats directly into her palm.


She speaks in similes

The way they need to filter every word she ever said

To make sure that when they speak

Their argument justifies her statement.

The way they need to bite their tongue

Because a chick like can’t be quiet.


It seems as the devil spit her out,

Right out of the hell fire.

The burning flames that constructed the “her.”

She is intrigued by their lives.

Their pain and suffering

Is like a comic strip

Being read through her eyes.

The way the girls scream and holler

Is like music being played through her ears.

Their cries are like a waterfall cascading through the rain forest of pain.


See, she enjoys watching them suffer

That’s why,

Her hot red gleaming eyes

Sink inside their souls

As she watches their suffrage from deep within.

And every time they get a little courage to say, “I DON’T LIKE…..”

She stops them

right over their tracks

And runs them over

With the train that runs straight through hell.


And every time they see a little peek of happiness,

She smacks them back into reality.

Because for her

Their can only be one shape of happiness.

And she is the only cubic shape

All six sides of pain

Sculpted out of everyone’s pitiful lives construct her shape of happiness.


It’s funny to her.

She thinks is beautiful

The way she juggles peoples life in one hand and their feelings in another.

The talent of screwing every ones life over to reach the pursuit of happiness.

She thinks it’s beautiful.

To have people fall right under her knees.

Begging and pleading,

“oh please don’t hurt me.”

She sees the pain through their tone.

But that statement becomes vain.

It sounds to her

Like a symphony being played by the devil himself.

For that,

She shall be crowned the “Princess of Hell.”









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