Princess Charming

My Savior, “Prince Charming” was a golden-haired princess with rose colored cheeks and an immense aura capable of suppressing centuries of unattainable love. 

She came surrounded by tiny lavender butterflies while wearing a long lilac sundress.

I fell deep in love with her lust for life, radiating excitement for earths endless possibilities.

Handing out glimmers of hope in every encounter,

She created love & dreams wherever she traveled.

Unaware of her sparkling charm glistening in between cherry blossom trees and crystal blue oceans. 

We danced together til the clock struck midnight

But I knew I wouldn’t see her again in the daylight.

Our love was formed under pitch black umbrellas hiding us away from the worlds undying fear of the unknown.

Countless nights spent running from those who saw us as sinners disobedient to the Lords law. 

Because according to the religious, love between two women is fictitious.

Our beliefs are deemed as sacrilegious. 

But Until the day the almighty and all powerful Heavenly Father reigns down upon the earth taking a seat on my rosy pink bed looking me in my eager eyes and telling me the adoration I have for his beautiful womanly creation is illicit

My love will remain persistent.

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