A Princess since Birth

I've always been called beautiful

Not expected to be smart

But to be conceited

I value my appearance

But to an extent

Traped in my beauty

That is not who I am

Behind this camera lens

I am not what I am assumed to be

You don't know me or my story

So don't judge me

Pictures are decieving

It's deeper than just a face on a screen

Looking at me

You may underestimate my abilites


Values and morals

Beauty and bains

Underestimate me

I dare you

Makes me push

More and more

Your perceptions

They will not have me defeated


Ever since I was a little girl


Everyone tried to give me the world


Faith has been instilled and it will forever


Your life will only get better


Above those who are in doubt


Surely not cocky, confident indeed


For a lifetime

PRINCESS you are

One of many kind




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