Akeem state of mind back when I was a boy and rose petals washed on the shores of my feet... Back when we were princes and our crowns weighed just light enough so we could keep our balance ...chins up and chest out

back when all we couldn't wait to do was be kings And our elephants in the room died from too much exposure but years down the line we took a trip to those graveyard sights and found out we were the very things that sought to destroy us

Now all we do is take shots of luke warm water Saying to ourselves that I still love her even though I'm inside another, I play mind tricks with you all day but I hate when that hand gets dealt to me I am the very thing that I sought out not be I break your heart into pieces to repair the pieces of mine And I leave you with scars so that I'm not the only one who looks disfigured 

And I'm afraid of peeling back this curtain and telling the little boy that once carried himself as high as the sky held him... that we had removed our crown because it weighed to heavy when we had to bow to our fears.....

I'm afraid of seeing the little boy who eyes told stories about the heavens I'm afraid that when he sees my sack of lust colored bones With royal blood and porcelain skin

The part of him that I need to stay alive... that keeps me going will die inside... I'm afraid that this curtain will eventually fall on the dead roses and fractured hearts that linger around me....and the lights that once shined to give me sight will now expose me, the man that dethroned the king that wore a garment of fears and crown of broken hearts.

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