Prime Time

Sun, 06/19/2022 - 14:15 -- Creator

Tongues longing for emotions flowing with wind of luxurious eve

Yearning glide from caves of creatively unweave and heave

Songs of convoluted intimacy approach arousing lyrics 

Evolutionary entrances pyrex empirics 

Wafers flavoured with feeling, enjoy sparkling thrust 

Yearning survives with the trust of another’s wast 

Till ecstasy lands to sail slowly in steady sanctity 

River breaks from unorthodox longing for the Yangtze entity

Notable browning affection of interracial viva voce coitus

Like the pata-pata so convinced to be entertained by Troilus.


Spoken decoy, intellectual translation of nervously glorious chorus

Sport of evolved kids in borough of natural golden nucleus

Charming affirmation paint the art of stooping hearts

Breaking rules of adaptation to examples of Bart in tarts 

Free exploration of alpha and drama to cast off masks 

Each affection striped off casque by hands of asking tasks

Divinity glimmering and unveiled to manifest Eden 

Sweetening deepening rising to make free clays of breaths done

Speaking infinity in the confessional intensity of buds and lungs 

First bleed for both a model of poetry for two loves.


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