It took the young lion a long time to understand

That his mane doesn’t grow from the strength of his hand.

It grows not because of age, it doesn’t matter the time

But it grows on wisdom, it’s the strength of his mind.


As a little cub, he thought he was fierce.

In his mind, there was no obstacle he couldn’t pierce.

It wasn’t until the young one left his home

That he found out that his pride wasn’t alone.


There were smarter, stronger, faster opposition in this world

He could lose to anyone… even a girl

The young lion needed help, but he didn’t bother to ask

Cause he thought life was a race and you only need yourself for the task


The young lion failed again and again

Why was the promised land so hard to attend?

A mountain of pride that was inside was the cause

So, the lion tried and applied the lessons from his loss


The young lion rejected the idea of being by himself

He was A LION and his pride needs to be kept

However, a lion with allegiance to the bundle,

Is how the young cub became the king of the jungle.

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