What do you think when you hurt them

Are you wondering if it’s worth it

Is being right worth losing a friend

Is winning and argument worth it in the end

In order to win, how far will you go

In order to beat them, will you sink that low


Being right doesn’t mean a thing

If you cause their wounds to sting

Winning the argument isn’t okay

If it causes you to go astray

Why is it we have to be right about it all

Can’t we remember pride goes before a fall

Why is it we always have to win

Can’t we compromise now and again


What goes through your mind right then

When you’re fighting, hurting them

Is winning this worth breaking their heart

Is being right again worth breaking them apart

In order to be right, how far will you take it

In order to win, how long can you fake it


A kind word can soothe a soul

But hatred stirs up dissent

Compliments can bring so much hope

But insults are like a critical hit


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