They called it pleasure

They told me it was pleasure

 But all I felt was pressure

“Give it a puff”

I was normally lotus free

But there a was roll of lotus

In my mouth…

But I was with the homies


Satan was dancing around

Because I ignored the pressure

and enjoyed the pleasure 


They called it a wolf pack

Society called them a gang

They were the homies

I was there friend

“Join the nation”

I was normally against it

But I joined the nation

Of gang affiliation

I was with the homies


The devil was mocking

Because I joined the wolf pack

When in reality they didn’t care about me


They called it fun

My parents called it crime

My mind thought it was sin

But I was confused

Lotus in my sock

Ready to consume

They told me to sell it

“Sell it you’ll make money”

I was committing sin

But I was with the homies


The devil follows me

Were ever I go

Reminding me of my mistakes

But I was with the homies




I need to

Stay away from the homies.



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