A Prefect World Dream Poem

                                   I dream of a world of peace.
               That all different kinds of people will be all treated the same.
                              No man will be better then a women,
                 No one will be a lot richer or poorer then the rest.
             I dream of all the children in the world with happy faces.
     All the children have warm homes to live in and clean clothing to wear.
                       These always a meal on the table for them to eat,
                              So they can grow in to strong adults.
                            I dream the doctors were invincible.
                     They can cure any diseases no matter how bad.
                              So many lives would be saved.
        So many less people would be grieving over loss of a loved one.
                       I dream of a world with no disappointment.
                                People would not get let down.
                   Everyone would do there best to keep promises.
                       I dream certain words would be illegal.
                                  Fat, Stupid, retarded
                       Words like this would become illegal.
                This would prevent people from getting hurt.
                          I dream of a plant free of war.
                    People wouldn’t have to risk there life’s.
                  Wouldn’t have to die everyday for there country.
         There would be no heart break of loved one who dieing in the war.
                  I dream of a world were everyone gets along.
                                In this world there is only peace.
                                             Perfect World.


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