precious one

Thu, 06/27/2013 - 17:03 -- zdalton


I have admired you from afar

I have talked to you for an eternity

Never once faltering on how I felt

Now fear is starting to set in

It is as if someone opened the jar

Fear being the majority

It is a fear I never been dealt

This fear has a deep den

But I know that in the end

You will drive it away

You will whisk me off my feet

And take me down that amazing street

I will no longer have to fend

I will no longer have to sit on the bay

For the most beautiful and best thing will be before me

And I know that this fear will fade quickly

But for right now it is making me sickly

I am not who I am

I am not how I am

This fear has set in

But soon it will be driven

You will push it away

I have found none as amazing as you

No one makes me feel the way you do

When we talk I smile

When I hear your voice time stops

I feel as if I could run mile after mile

My whole heart drops

The way you make me feel

It is better than any meal

I cannot express to you what you mean to me

You make me see

See something more than mere reality

You have no duality

In the end you will make me smile

You will make this life worth the while

You are the one I love

You are the one to which I release a dove

You are the person who makes me smile

You make me so calm

Whatever fear comes you will quench

And in the end I know that I will smile

You have a certain style

One I find most desirable

You have me hanging onto you

I hope you know that you do

I have found true love at last

You make me forget my past

And dream of a future

A future of joy

You are my one true love.


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