Praying to Deaf Ears

Listening to the rumble of the leaves, the moaning of the trunk of the tress, let my heart sleep in the night, give me a chance to see what I might. I bare no hatred for heavens rains, all I ask is that I gain some form of relief from this life I live. Why won't he hear my screams? I've lost my voice and cracked my dreams. Slumbers which now swirl in nightmares, I've done nothing wrong so is this fair? Why father, have you forsaken me? Open my your eyes, see! In total darkness I weep uncontrollably, not knowing that my tears are drowning me. In this pit I was born in, my tears keep me cool as I float. Listen, please God, hear my cry for help! Or am I speaking to a sky of illumination? Never the less, I'll stay in this pool of tears until my rescue, from this depression. Until the summer comes and dries the oceans, or until I myself drow in this degredation.

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