Praying for a Boy

Fri, 12/06/2013 - 00:49 -- jesssj

I prayed this morning,

Right before the start. 

I prayed I wouldn’t think of you,

I prayed things wouldn’t be so hard. 

Today was easier than the rest,

I took that silent comfort in.

I know still they aren’t at the best,

But at least those emotions I can pin.

I prayed at the back,

A pear in my hands. 

I prayed somehow I would get through,

I prayed things would somehow be grand. 

Today you hardly crossed my mind,

I painted rosy cheeks, lips thin.

Thought you were something I could find,

But that sea, I’m not willing to dive in.

I prayed this morning,

Right before the end.

I prayed to God you’d be okay,

I prayed to God you’d be great.


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