In Praise of Food

I just love to eat!

'Tis quite a joy beyond compare,

To eat so many different kinds of food

From every known and unknown part of the world,

Ice cream with chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and a cherry,

Macaroni mixed with a spicy cheese sauce of delight,

Lovely French pastries stuffed with fruit and almonds,

Delicious steaks with fats all trimmed, 

Simmering within their own delectable juices.

Chicken wings deep-fried to a crispy golden perfection,

Nachos drizzled in sour cream and topped with jalapenos,

Angel food cake sitting on a plate of ripe strawberries,

Potatoes baked until tender, then topped with bacon and cheese.

I just love food and all the delight that comes with it!

Vegetarians, you don't know what you are missing!

If this poem made you hungry,

Then go out and eat a snack.

I prefer peanut butter sandwich crackers.

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