Powerless to the changing Tide


I laid everything out so plainly

I delivered the maps and counted the steps

Marked the spot with the proverbial ‘X’ and yet here you stand

With no sense of direction, looking to me for guidance

My chartered maps, my compass, all manners of navigation to you I have delivered

Even the primitive gesture of pointing my finger

But you can’t even begin to indicate the general area

From which your stumbling feet and trembling knees have led you.

How did you get here?

So sound of mind, body and spirit

When I set you off

Teetering with your devices

Now here you are beaten and ragged

Arms devoid of any tool and no trace of that solid conviction or million dollar smile

Eyes hollow pockets looking, but not seeing where you have ended up

I cannot begin to set you straight to continue the course I’d previously laid

The path is unfamiliar and there is no clear destination

So gather your limbs and set your knees correct

You will find that to continue on is the best course of action

I don’t possess any knowledge of steps you have yet to take

I will arm you with sword and pen

So that you may carve your own destiny

And perhaps record your path for someone else to follow


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