Power in Strength

Hera sits on a tall silver stool at Cafe of Gods
As Dionysus places a warm mug of cappuccino before her
“I delivered nine newborns into this world today, what are the odds.
The mothers smiled as I gave them their sons and daughters
And they were all alone, they didn’t have a partner.”

Dionysus observes her while cleaning a glass
And offers her some warm advice.
“They are very strong women with plenty of sass,
They need no man to help them through their tough journey.
I bet they will look back at the moment, all alone, and not think twice.

What you need to be thinking about is your own health.
How are you without Zeus? He’s soaring through the air
Over an active battlefield, using the best plane stealth
But he isn’t at home holding you in his safe arms right now,
And Aphrodite could see your distress in your disheveled hair.”

Hera takes a slow sip of her calming coffee and sighs,
“I will be perfectly fine, I am strong, like those new mothers.
I can make it through the rough days, I am innovative and wise.
Zeus will surely return soon, and I will be filled with beamng glee.
Even if not, I am the queen of the gods, I can thrive without any others.”

This poem is about: 
Our world


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