The Power Of Love

Tue, 07/05/2016 - 11:23 -- Halima

Some have been betrayed before
Some have been heartbroken so many times
Some have seen the bad side of love
I've been in those shoes
And most of us can relate too

But what makes us go back every time a new flame hits
What makes us trust again after all the pain
What makes us hope for a new flower to bloom

Its the power of love
Love has a stronghold on all
Its  satisfaction  to the heart
A soothing relief to the body and mind 
A peaceful and special place to be
A passion we all desire
A connection we all relate to

The power of love is the reason
We have hope
We heal from our pains
We give love another try again and again
It's all worth it
Because in the end of it all
We end up finding our other half


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