The Power of Inhumanity


United States
32° 4' 43.5828" N, 110° 55' 36.552" W

The power of inhumanity,
Oh how it sickens the remedy
of true empiricism
and how it swallows the color of a tender rainbow

We allow the cries of our mothers
to waver across the oceans of prosperity
We allow the tears of our brothers
to drip down the shores of integrity
and we allow the voices of our young ones
to halt in doors of intolerance

When, is the word we ask ourselves,
to heal the wounds of our gentle hearts
and cure the gashes of our own compassion
that we once had in this place called life,
A life we wish to live under the stars
of glorious patterns,
Patterns of democracy
Patterns of hope
and patterns for true and infinite freedom.


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