The Power of Emerald Drops

Its dawn. The nocturnal dusk slowly dissolves into the soft morning light, blending with the first sun rays coming through the delicate foliage and the sparkling dew, like ephemeral emerald drops, reflecting life and hope. Hope fills the room every morning with its omnipresence and empowering wisdom. Wisdom, I wish, could fill my soul. It’s an eternal, endless longing, like the endlessness of the universe — my universe.

The longing takes me everywhere; to places, I’ve visited in the past, to places I dream of, or to imaginary resorts. Dreams filled with stories, voices, colors, and movements. Joy, laughter, hope. Sometimes I wonder about life and the way it turns out. There are days I navigate my vessel through storms, while others are quiet and peaceful. Those days are filled with enthusiasm and inspiration. I wish I could share those with you.

It’s still morning. I am holding my cup of coffee, slowly returning from my peaceful meditation, from my introversive journey, navigating my reflections, searching for clarity, for answers. Slowly; I open the door to the world, letting its stories intake my soul, embrace them, embrace my own, enjoy life, enjoy my sunflower, and start the day.




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