The Power of Different


I'm different, I'm different, I really am!

Believe me, believe me, it's not a scam!

I wear skinny jeans and Skrillex my hair.

This should be reason enough for you to care.

I love music and art and study Lesbian Indian Rights.

I'm as loving and caring as a bitter freak in tights.

Just thinking of all I could accomplish gives me chills.

If only people would acknowledge my lack of skills.

The world will see why it should love me.

As soon as it finishes refilling my EBT.

I'm different, I'm different, and better than you!

I'm more deserving, you know it's true.

- End



I like how your not afaird to stand up to what you belive in and who you are.


Yep, that's my M.O. It's what I do.

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